Airsprung Hudson Mattress

The Airsprung Hudson Mattress features the Duraspring spring system which works to create a medium to soft firmness mattress that is both supportive and comfortable.

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Medium mattresses such as this have a very flexible sleeping surface and are great for anyone who finds a firm mattress a little too hard and uncomfortable for them. The spring system contained within the mattress will gently and subtly move to support the joints and back of anyone who is using it. The springs themselves are 13.5 gauge and made from wire that is high tensile and therefore incredibly durable.

Airsprung HudsonThe mattress is a generous 18 cm deep and it can easily be used by a couple of differing weights as roll together and roll off are prevented thanks to its construction.

Poorer quality mattresses cannot guarantee that they will prevent this rolling around during the night and this can lead to a poor night’s sleep for both people. For extra comfort the mattress is covered in damask material which is of a very high quality and is soft and luxurious to the touch.

Like many of the Airsprung mattresses that are available on the market right now this mattress is hand tufted so that you can be assured of a quality product that will withstand the test of time. The mattress is filled with fibre fillings around the springs so that anyone using it will not be able to feel the individual springs.

To extend the life of this mattress it is double sided which means that it can be turned on a regular basis to keep the springs in perfect working order.

The mattress is currently available in a single and double size and it is possible to purchase a divan base which is covered in a matching material. However it can also be used on a slatted bed frame or any other divan base which matches the size of the mattress that you have chosen.

In short the Airsprung Hudson Mattress is a great mid priced mattress that is soft to medium firmness and can really provide a sound night’s sleep each and every night.

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