The Beginning

Back in the year 1871 Headley Chapman first opened a factory manufacturing straw palliases which were a very early form of mattresses in Trowbridge, this action was called Chapman’s. He sold them for 3s6d per pair and these soon became one of the ‘must have’ products of the time thanks to their fantastic quality and excellent value for money.

After this the company really started to expand and invest in the latest technology to produce mattresses that were still known for their quality and price.

The 20th Century

AirsprungBy the 1900’s mattresses that were mass produced were becoming more and more common and thanks to the innovative ideas and designs that they had been working on Chapman’s remained at the forefront of the industry.

By the 1930s most people have now realised that interior sprung mattresses were the way to go as they offered extreme comfort for anyone who was using them. Once again Chapman’s had been investing in the right machinery and plant that would help them to move forward and produce excellent mattresses for the demanding consumer market.

Over the next 20 years the company continued to go from strength to strength and eventually decided to change their name to Airsprung. The reason for this change was it now reflected the new and improved designs that the company were introducing to the general public.

Airsprung Today

Today Airsprung or Chapman’s as it was once known employers in excess of 600 people throughout the UK and it is still one of the U.K.’s premier bed manufacturing companies.

Every year more and more money is invested in new and improved designs that will keep Airsprung at the forefront of the bed manufacturing industry.

It is still the aim of Airsprung to provide customers with excellent quality and innovative mattresses and beds at a price that they can afford. This has seen the company branch out into using materials such as memory foam and new spring technologies such as pocket springs as well as still integrating more traditional caged spring designs in their wide range of beds that is continually growing and expanding.