Airsprung Ortho Comfort Mattress

The Airsprung Ortho Comfort Mattress is a mattress that is from the Comfortably Firm range by Airsprung and it is a very popular choice of mattress. It features Airsprung’s supercoil spring system that is known for being incredibly durable and providing a sound and comfortable night’s sleep.

Airsprung recognise the importance of a good night’s sleep and as a result have added fibre fillings to the mattress so that anyone using it will not feel a single spring during the night.

The Ortho Comfort mattress from Airsprung can be purchased online. Select your size below:

This brings themselves are made from 12.5 gauge wire which is high tensile and is known for its excellent performance. Springs inside mattresses must be up to the job otherwise they will start to corrode and they can even snap after a short period of time in certain circumstances.

Airsprung Ortho ComfortSo when it comes to choosing a sprung beds you need to make sure that you are looking for heavy duty high tensile wire as you know that it will last for many years.

The Airsprung Ortho Comfort Mattress is a medium to firm mattress that is great for anyone who suffers from any aches or pains in their neck, shoulders, joints or back. Sleep mattress that is too soft can really create even more problems for a person so you should make sure you choose a mattress that is the correct firmness for your needs.

To ensure that the mattress will not back to bend or lose shape it has been hand tufted and is made from high-quality materials.

The Airsprung Ortho Comfort Mattress is a reasonably priced mattress that can be easily turned every few months to maintain its lifespan. As you would think from a turn able mattress is double sided so that even after turning it will not look any different.

The material is a smart blue and white design that will look great in any room. The mattress itself is suitable for use on many different types of bed bases including a wide range of slatted frames or divans.

In addition to the many different features mentioned the mattress also comes with a one-year guarantee and five-year warranty.

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