Airsprung Ortho Sleep Mattress

The Airsprung Ortho Sleep Mattress is a mattress that offers users a medium to firm level of support each and every time they use it. The mattress features the Supercoil Spring System that is made from excellent quality 12.5 gauge springs. These are a very heavy duty spring which will last for many years and help to create a fantastically supportive mattress for anyone who uses it.

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To increase the level of comfort in this mattress it is also filled with man-made fibre filings which are in layers within the mattress. These layers combined with the spring system mean that the mattress will not sad or bend and will retain its shape for many years.

Airsprung Ortho SleepThe Airsprung Ortho Sleep Mattress is hand tufted which means that it has excellent construction and is not likely to start to lose shape even after several years of use. This is a problem that many low quality mattresses have and this will lead to anyone using the mattress having a very poor night’s sleep.

So if you wake up in the morning and do not feel fully refreshed you should take a good look at your mattress and look towards one such as the Airsprung Ortho Sleep Mattress as a great replacement.

In order to really keep the mattress in excellent condition it should be turned regularly. Doing this will help the construction of the mattress to retain its shape and the springs in the mattress will benefit from regular turning.

Sleeping on just one side of the mattress constantly can create dips which will make it lose its shape over time. With this in mind the Airsprung Ortho Sleep Mattress is double sided so it can be turned without it looking any different.

Anyone who is looking for a mattress that will help them to have a comfortable and supportive night’s sleep should consider the Airsprung Ortho Sleep Mattress. It is a mid priced mattress that can be used on a divan bed base or on a slatted bed frame without any problems.

It comes with a five year warranty and one-year guarantee for added peace of mind.

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