Airsprung Ortho Trizone Mattress

The Airsprung Ortho Trizone Mattress is one of the Comfortably Firm range from Airsprung and it is a fantastic medium to firm mattress that is cage sprung and has fibre fillings for additional comfort and support.

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The springs in this mattress are 12.5 gauge Trizone springs which are very durable and are ideal for creating a firm yet supportive surface. It is important when choosing a mattress that has springs you go for a suitable gauge for your needs. Anything over 12.5 is moving towards a medium firmness and this can sometimes be too soft for someone who needs a firm mattress that will help to keep their back and their joints in perfect alignment.

Airsprung Ortho TrizoneSo if you are looking to have a mattress that will provide you with excellent support you should look towards this type as it will meet all of your needs.

This mattress also has additional support in the central lumbar area which helps to further relieve any pressure from the body for anyone who is using it. Features like this are vital if you need excellent support which will help to create the perfect night’s sleep every single night. The mattress itself is hand tufted and is covered in a stylish material that looks smacked and expensive.

In addition to this the mattress is also double sided which means that it can be easily turned to prolong its life. Experts believe that a mattress should be turned every 3 to 6 months to maintain optimal performance. Thankfully the Airsprung Ortho Trizone Mattress is not too heavy which makes it easy to turn.

The Airsprung Ortho Trizone Mattress can be used on either a divan frame or a slatted bed frame which means even more convenience for anyone who is thinking of buying this type of mattress.

It also has a five year warranty and a one-year guarantee so you can rest assured that you will be purchasing a quality product. Thanks to the caged spring system a couple can get many years of use of it it.

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