Airsprung Quattro Mattress

The Airsprung Quattro Mattress is a soft firmness mattress from Airsprung that is part of the Gently Supportive range. This is a very soft mattress that still provides users with fantastic support and will not lead to aches and pains in the joints, shoulders, neck or back -something which can be very problematic with some of the more soft mattresses on the market.

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The mattress itself is a combination of fibre fillings and the Duraspring spring system. The springs in this system are made from 13.5 gauge high tensile wire that is excellent for use in mattresses and it will last for many years.

Airsprung QuattroSprung mattresses like the Airsprung Quattro Mattress will work to provide a flexible and soft sleeping surface that will move when you do throughout the night.

The springs inside the mattress are covered with fibre fillings which means that you will not be able to feel any of the individual springs while you are using the mattress. Once again this can be a problem with some of the cheaper mattresses that our on the market.

The mattress is a generous 20 cm deep and has stitched cloth handles on the sides of it. These can be used to turn the mattress so that its life is prolonged. As the mattress can be turned it is also double sided and covered in a soft and luxurious material that helps to make each night even more comfortable.

The construction of the Airsprung Quattro Mattress means that couples sleeping on the mattress will not experience roll off or roll together during the night. This is a problem that many couples will face and can lead to them tossing and turning throughout the night and not feeling refreshed or invigorated in the morning.

As shown the Airsprung Quattro Mattress is a great choice of mattress for anyone who does not enjoy sleeping on a medium or firm surface. It is a soft yet supportive mattress that can be used on divan bases or slatted frames. It is available in several sizes and it is perfect for use in children’s bedrooms or adult bedrooms alike.

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