Airsprung Renata Mattress

The Airsprung Renata Mattress is a fantastic mattress that has a reasonable price and offers users a medium level of support throughout the night. The mattress features a mixture of the Duraspring spring system and fibre fillings which work together to create a surface that is soft and flexible to the touch and extremely comfortable at the same time.

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The spring system contained within this mattress is made from 13.5 gauge wire that is high tensile and incredibly tough and durable. High tensile wire will last much longer than some other types of wire so anyone choosing this mattress will have the peace of mind of knowing that it will give them years and years of use.

Airsprung RenataThe mattress itself is 17 cm deep and is covered in a micro-quilted material that is very soft touch and makes using this mattress even more comfortable. When choosing a mattress it is important that a person gets the level of firmness right.

For instance if you find that you wake up with painful joints, stiffness in the neck or even pain in the back and shoulders after using a firm mattress you need to opt for a more medium firmness. Airsprung realise this and as a result bring consumers wonderful mattresses, such as the Renata, that provide excellent support while not being too firm.

The Airsprung Renata Mattress features a double sided design so that it can be turned every few months.

Turning a mattress is a fantastic way that anyone can help to extend the life of their mattress. Doing this every 3 to 6 months will bring your mattress back to life and will make you feel as though you are sleeping on a brand-new mattress. So this is something you are interested in the Renata mattress is ideal.

As with all good mattresses the Airsprung Renata Mattress is suitable for use on many different types of bed bases and frames. So if you cannot afford to buy a new bed base you can simply buy a mattress and use it on your existing base or frame, the choice is yours.

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