Airsprung Trizone Mattress

The Airsprung Trizone Mattress is a deep and luxurious mattress that offers users a medium level of support. It combines a 40 mm layer of visco elastic memory foam with a 20 mm layer of reflex foam and a springs of varying levels of support. Together these create a mattress of excellent quality that is suitable for easing away the aches and pains of everyday life.

The Airsprung Trizone mattress is available in 3 sizes, all with free UK delivery:

The springs contained in the Airsprung Trizone Mattress are in three zones. The central springs inside the mattress offer increased lumbar support for anyone using the mattress, whereas the springs on either side of the normal support. This means that anyone using the mattress will find that their back and shoulders have fantastic support as the mattress will mould to fit their individual contours.

Airsprung TrizoneMemory foam is excellent for helping to support the body throughout the night as it will slowly and gradually change shape. Even if you find that you have previously tossed and turned a lot you will notice that this becomes a thing of the past when you use a memory foam mattress.

The memory foam that is used in the Airsprung Trizone Mattress is 55kg/m³ which is a high density foam suitable for use on mattresses such as this type.

The mattress itself is micro-quilted for even more comfort and support and it can be used on a divan or slatted bed base. With this in mind it is easy to see why the Airsprung Trizone Mattress is such a popular choice as it is so convenient to use and gives excellent results to anyone who chooses it. In addition to the features mentioned the mattress is also double sided so that it can be turned whenever it is needed.

It also comes with a five-year warranty and a one-year guarantee however it is unlikely that you will have any problems with such a quality mattress.

So if you want a memory foam mattress that also features springs and is a medium comfort mattress look no further than the Airsprung Trizone Mattress to meet all of your needs throughout the night.

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